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Guangzhou Showa Autoparts Co., Ltd.  was established in Guangzhou in November 1994, is a component by Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. of Japan and Japan's Showa Kanematsu three shareholders of Sino-Japanese joint venture manufacturing joint venture with Guangzhou and Wuhan two factories. The main production and sale of automotive shock absorbers, steering and auto parts and provide after-sales service, and to Western Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions exports. Major customers for this wide, east of the east of the engine, the Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi, Honda (China).

Company profile:
Date of establishment: November 15, 1994
Company Type: Sino-Japanese joint venture
Main products: automotive shock absorbers, steering
Registered capital: $ 65,160,000
Total investment: $ 113,930,000
Area: 94,400 square meters
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